THE Queen is big in Chester this week.

A giant-sized sculpture of Her Majesty’s head is being created to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee next year.

Sculptor Nick Elphick is working on the giant head for Chester the Giant City’s Community Interest Company (CIC). The company recently won the hearts of the UK public in the People’s Million bid to create 60 Queen Elizabeth II giants for the 2012 celebrations.

Llandudno-based Nick has worked for top designers and artists including John Paul Gaultier and Damien Hirst.

Giant project manager Kristine Szulik said that the task of choosing a suitable sculptor was a simple one.

She said: “Firstly Nick is based very near us here in Chester, secondly he has his own CIC project going and understands our ethos of working within our communities and finally if he is good enough to work for John Paul Gaultier, Damien Hirst and Ryan Gander then he certainly comes top of our list in every way.”

“He has been a delight to work with and we are all incredibly excited about the Queen Elizabeth giant he is creating for us”.

Nick added: “I am aware that this has been a thankless task for artists in the past but I am a loyalist at heart and the opportunity to create an iconic model of our sovereign is an honour of which I could never have dreamed.

“I want do both the city of Chester and Her Majesty justice with this piece of work.

“I am aiming to create a feeling within this work of pride; pride within the community and pride within the sculpture, pride that comes forth for everyone to see.

“I want these giants to connect with the community and help them to have empathy for the person who has carried the responsibility of representing our nation on her shoulders all of her life. Something she has done with dignity and grace for over 60 years.

“My work is not about likeness but a representation of our Queen throughout her career, something that every person recognises as representative of our Monarch and captures her pride and our own. That is my goal and I feel we are getting close to achieving that.”

Nick expects to put the finishing touches to the sculpture soon, then the head will be moulded and cast ready for the communities to engage with the project.

Kristine Szulik is looking for community groups and villages to get involved with the giant project. She said: believes that this is unique within the Commonwealth and that right here in Cheshire we are creating something incredibly special within our communities.

“This is a chance for everyone to recognise the wonderful work done by the Queen and for their village, group or company to show their appreciation in 2012.

“We only have 60 available for communities to be able to work with us for 2012 and I would urge anyone interested in having one of these unique pieces of history for their group, village or community and creating an extra special Diamond Jubilee celebration next year should contact me to register their intention to be a part of this event.”

For more information about The Queens Giants in 2012 go to or call Kristine Szulik direct on 07789425468