PLANS for the Red Arrows to soar over the Deva Stadium before Saturday’s Chester FC friendly match against Marine are in the balance.

The proposed flypast is due to take place at 2.18pm, in what is believed to be the first for a football match.

But safety fears relating to the aircrafts’ ejector seats led to the entire fleet being grounded for inspections.

However, Jeff Banks, media officer for Chester FC, is keeping his fingers crossed the checks will be completed by the weekend.

He said: “The Red Arrows are pretty well known and I thought it would be fantastic to see them.

“Admittedly it was a bit of a dream a couple of months ago, but I contacted the Royal Air Force and took it from there.

“I have been getting in touch to find out when an announcement on whether they are due to fly is taking place.

“We will be gutted if they don’t appear, but I would fully respect the decision, and it might be possible to reorganise for a flypast to happen in the future.“

“Hopefully we will see how it goes, but I am a bit in the dark about it at the moment.”

Jeff added: “We are trying to get the message across we are a community club, and the work is paying off. This is a reward for all those making their way to the ground.”