REPAIR work has finally started on the sewerage system responsible for pumping human waste across open farmland in Tarvin.

Developer Antler Homes, United Utilities and the Environment Agency have agreed on a new piping system to solve the problem.

A spokeswoman confirmed that the operation, taking place off Tarporley Road, was “going smoothly” and that work should be completed by August 27.

It comes after a connection fault led to raw sewage being flushed from people’s houses into an open ditch running along a farmer’s field and into Milton Brook, a tributary of the River Gowy.

Residents are still unhappy, however, with the progress being made and report leakages of waste surcharging onto a public road.

A resident, who did not wish be to be named, has contacted the Environment Agency five times, and said: “The contractors responsible for pumping out and removing the sewage should be instructed to carry out this operation on a daily basis until installation of the new sewage pipe system is fully operational.

“This should ensure that we do not continue to experience sewage flowing down the highway and polluting the surface water ditch.”