RELIEF for Saltney traders is on the horizon as extensive roadworks are coming to an end after months.

Dee Valley Water has been replacing a large section of fragile water piping along the High Street since January 14.

The roadworks on the High Street are due to end on Sunday, while separate Dee Valley Water works on the adjacent River Lane are due to be completed on June 14.

But Saltney businessman and Flintshire county councillor David Wisinger is unhappy that the one-way road system has had a devastating effect on trade.

Cllr Wisinger, who runs the DKR Pine Furniture store, said: “Everyone’s takings have plummeted – it’s killing us. We’ve had the worst six months on record, it’s horrific.

“It has been the worst I have known it in my 30 years, and we’re not alone. The Shell garage has had a 50% loss in takings. All the traffic has been diverted on a one-way street.

“There does not seem to be enough work going on – I know they had delays but it’s not like you see any work being done in the evening or a weekend to get it finished sooner.

“I have not even bothered going to open the shop some days as I know there won’t be any takings.

“I know that it has to be done, but we would appreciate it if it could be done more quickly.

“I have heard taxi drivers complain as they are having to go right around the one-way road and they are losing out too.”

The works were due to end five weeks ago, but complications arose when other utility companies installed infrastructure in close proximity and, in some parts, in direct contact with the present water main.

This left insufficient access for any work on the water main, which meant the new main had to be repositioned in the highway by about 300 metres.

Dee Valley Water managing director Norman Holladay said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have been affected by the works as I am aware of the difficulties and inconvenience they have caused to residents, businesses and road users.

“I am extremely grateful for their tolerance and co-operation while these essential and difficult works were carried out.”