The trial of Richard Bromley, who is accused of causing the death of his 19-year-old girlfriend Claudia Williams in a car crash in Guilden Sutton on June 24, 2013, resumes at Warrington Crown Court this morning.

The 23-year-old from Daniell Way in Great Boughton denies the charge of causing death by careless driving while under the influence of drink or drugs.

Our reporter Mike Fuller is at the court and will be providing live updates throughout the fourth day of the trial.

Signing off

We are now drawing our coverage of the fourth day of the Richard Bromley trial to a close. Thank you for following our updates throughout the day.

Officer completes evidence

PC Broad has concluded his evidence.

Bromley not cautioned

Under cross examination, Mr Lucas asks PC Broad if he cautioned Bromley before he asked him what happened. PC Broad says no.

PC spoke to Bromley

PC Broad spoke to Bromley as he was being treated on a stretcher by paramedics. The defendant gave him a brief account of what happened. Bromley told him ‘I was in the car with my girlfriend. We had an argument. She pushed me. I lost control and hit the tree’.

First officer on the scene

PC Broad was the first officer on the scene following the crash, ambulance crews and the fire service were already present.

PC Phil Broad evidence

PC Phil Broad is the next witness to give evidence.

Bromley was upset

After Miss Williams’s family were told she had passed away, the witness said she saw Bromley and his parents at the hospital. When she and Miss Williams’s mother walked into the room where he was being kept he said ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it’ and kept saying ‘I’m sorry’. Miss Hughes said: “He was very upset. I could smell alcohol on his breath.” She added Bromley and Miss Williams were ‘great as a couple’ and ‘seemed perfectly happy’.

`There's been an accident'

Miss Hughes says she was at home in Hoole with Miss Williams’s mother Andrea on the night of the crash. A neighbour knocked on their door and said ‘there’s been an accident and you need to come quickly’. She went out to the scene in Guilden Sutton and from there onto the Countess of Chester Hospital.

Kerry Hughes evidence

Kerry Hughes, the partner of Miss Williams’s mother Andrea, is now giving evidence.

Statement amendments

Benjamin Myers, prosecuting, is now re-examining the witness. He is asking for clarification about amendments made to her statement to a civil lawyer. Mrs Edge says she never heard her daughter tell police she had heard the phrase ‘I f***ed up’, but this does not mean her daughter did not hear it.

Ambiguous response

The defence is asking about the evidence Mrs Edge gave before lunch in which, while she was tending to Bromley, she asked if he was sure if he had had anything to drink. The defendant replied yes. Mr Lucas said: “It was an ambiguous response as far as you were concerned?” The witness says yes.

Tracy Edge cross examination

The jury are being brought back into the courtroom here at Warrington following the lunch break. Mr Lucas is expected to begin his cross examination of the witness Tracy Edge.

Lunch break

Court has now broken for lunch. It will resume at 2.15pm.

Pulse was weak

Mrs Edge went over to the Vauxhall Corsa after finding out Miss Williams was still in the car. She said: “We struggled to get the door open, myself and some neighbours. When we got it open I could see Claudia was in the foot well. I stayed with her until the rapid response vehicle arrived, but her pulse was very weak.”

Tended to Bromley

Mrs Edge, a nurse, tended to Bromley after the crash. After asking him if he was hurt and telling him to stay still, she asked the defendant if he had had a drink. Mrs Edge says he said no, but she could smell alcohol on his breath. She asked if he was sure, he said yes.

First on the scene

Tracy Edge, the mother of the previous witness, is now called to give evidence. She was also first on the scene on the night of the crash.

Obviously distressed

Bromley does not remember saying the words ‘Lauren, I f***ed up’ or saying they had crashed because they were arguing. Mr Lucas says he was ‘obviously distressed’ at the time but asks Miss Edge if she is certain he said those words. She replies she is.

Traumatic experience

Mr Lucas suggests the period of time since the crash has made it more difficult for the witness to remember what happened. Miss Edge said: “I’ve told you it was so traumatic and the experience was so traumatic that I will never forget what happened, but knowing the precise series of events is not the same.’

Sequence of events

Mr Lucas said: “Can you remember the sequence of events in which he said this phrase?” Miss Edge said: “He asked how Claudia was and I said she was breathing and the ambulance are on their way. He said to go and see how she was so I went round to the car and that’s when I saw Claudia in the footwell of the car. I went back to Rick and that’s when he said ‘Lauren, I f***ed up’.”

'Where's my girlfriend?'

Miss Edge said: “The first thing I can recall him saying was ‘Where’s my girlfriend?’”. Mr Lucas said: “Is that something he said repeatedly?” The witness says yes.

Concern over phrase

Mr Lucas is quizzing the witness about the first time she gave an official statement to police. She expressed concerns a solicitor working on the case was ‘very keen’ on the phrase ‘Lauren, I f***ed up’, which Richard Bromley is said to have told her as he lay on the road after the crash. The witness said she felt he was ‘insinuating it was more than it was’.

Cross examination

Phillip Lucas QC, defending, has resumed his cross examination of the witness.

Witness Lauren Edge

Arrangements are being made to bring witness Lauren Edge back into court. She lived on School Lane in Guilden Sutton at the time of the crash and was present in the aftermath.

Court about to start

The legal discussions now appear to have concluded and the hearing is expected to resume any moment.

Trial delay

The start of the fourth day of the Richard Bromley trial has been delayed while legal discussions take place in the absence of the jury.

Trial about to resume

The trial of an engineering apprentice accused of causing his girlfriend’s death in a car crash in Guilden Sutton has started.

It has been almost three years since 19-year-old Claudia Williams passed away on June 24, 2013.

She was killed when Richard Bromley’s Vauxhall Corsa left School Lane in Guilden Sutton and crashed into a tree.

Bromley, of Daniell Way in Great Boughton, faces a charge of causing death by careless driving while under the influence of drink or drugs.

His trial opened at Warrington Crown Court on Monday (May 5).

Miss Williams, from Hoole, had been a student at West Cheshire College and was a former pupil at Christleton High School.

The couple, who had been together for around one year before the crash, had spent the day house-hunting before meeting her family for dinner at the Old Trooper pub in Christleton.

The trial continues in Warrington on Thursday.