The plight of courageous five-year-old Upton girl Erin Cross has captured the hearts of Chester - and now the rest of the nation as well.

Since The Chronicle published a story yesterday evening (June 8) saying the family had just eight weeks to save leukaemia sufferer Erin's life, an appeal to send her to America for vital treatment has leapt from £16,000 to an amazing £75,000.

With more cash being pledged every minute, reporter Carmella De Lucia will keep you updated as the fundraising edges closer to its £100,000 target.

Signing off

At about 2.30pm today when we began live coverage of the Erin Cross Appeal, the total stood at £75,000 which was pretty impressive. But in the last five hours, we have watched closely at that figure just went up and up to smash through what looked like such a daunting target of £100,000. A total of 5,695 have combined to donate that sum. We are going to end our live coverage now. Thank you for following our updates throughout the afternoon. A full report of this incredible success story will appear on our website shortly.

You did it!

We’re there! The target of £100,000 for the Erin Cross appeal to send her to America for life-saving treatment has been reached in less than 24 hours. An absolutely extraordinary effort from everyone involved. Appeal currently stands at £100,162 and donations are still coming in. Keep them coming!

Less than £300 needed

£99,702 - that’s just £298 needed and we’re there!

Only a few hundred to go!

The total now stands at £99,257. The target is now just a whisker away. Just one final push needed.

Heartfelt messages

A couple of messages left from those who have generously donated to the appeal.

Katy Lee: “Stay strong little one x”

James Goodall: “Good luck on raising the test of the money and with your operations”

Less than £2k to go!

The excitement is now reaching fever pitch as the appeal smashes through the £98k barrier and now stands at a magnificent £98,265.

School support

Keep it coming

As Gaynor Pindard-Smith posts the following words of encouragement on the fundraising page - “Good luck really hope you achieve the full amount get well soon Erin xxx” - the appeal sails past the £97k mark to land on £97,449.

Tantalisingly close

The tension is almost unbearable! Another fabulous burst of activity on the fundraising page and the total is now an extraordinary £96,802 - that’s just £3,198 to go!

Erin and dad watch the figures

If this video doesn’t make you want to rush to the fundraising page, nothing will!

Less than £5k to go!

Another milestone is smashed as the appeal sails past the £95k mark to land on an astonishing £95,676. Almost there!

Rallying cry

Inspiring message from Francesca Elizabeth Davies on our Facebook page: “This little angel is getting so much support! Please don’t stop there! We’ve all got to stick together donate/share!!!”

Total shoots up

Wow! After a quiet couple of minutes, the appeal total then shoots up by almost a grand to the magnificent sum of £93,736. That means we are just £6,264 away from beating the target!

Extraordinary support

So far, a total of 5,257 people have donated to the Erin Cross appeal. If you are not one of them yet, you can help this courageous youngster here.

Lovely message

Tracy McGinn left this lovely message with her donation, saying: “I cannot imagine what you are all going through. Thoughts and prayers are with you Xx”

Follow Tracy’s example and make your donation here.

Still rolling in

The landmarks are coming thick and fast now - the total has just smashed through the £91k mark and now stands at £91,825. When we started this live coverage about 2.30pm, the total was £75,000.

Less than £10k to go!

Unbelievable! The total has just shot through the £90k mark and now stands at an incredible £90,735. Fabulous efforts from everyone concerned.

Erin Cross was given an award from The Joshua Tree Charity for her bravery
Erin Cross was given an award from The Joshua Tree Charity for her bravery

Thumbs up

£89,172 in a matter of minutes. That’s got the thumbs up from Erin! Remember who you’re doing it for.

Erin Cross
Erin Cross

Going up

In 23 minutes it’s shot up to £88, 732. WOW. The people of the world have really taken Erin to their hearts. It’s heartwarming.

Astonishing leap!

In just a matter of a few minutes, the Erin Cross Appeal total has just shot past the £87k mark! The total is now an incredible £87,143. This time yesterday, it was about £16,00.

Flashback to Pudsey

Flashback to 2011 with Erin Cross pictured on Pudsey Bear's knee at Upton Heath Post Office
Flashback to 2011 with Erin Cross pictured on Pudsey Bear's knee at Upton Heath Post Office

Another milestone reached

The appeal has just gone past the £86k mark and now stands at £86,028. Come on everyone - we can still get there before the end of the day!

Support from Queen's School

We can do this!

Latest video of Erin

The family have just provided us with this recent video of Erin

Yet more donations

We’re now at £85,067!

The end is now in sight for Erin’s target. We CAN do this by the end of today.

Update from Erin's mum

Here’s what Sarah has just posted on Facebook about Erin’s day:

Erin had her central line dressing changed today by our lovely Hospital at Home nurse Claire. Erin’s central line is used to administer chemotherapy and antibiotics and also to take bloods. Her central line is her friend because it stops her from having to have painful injections and she calls it her tap!

Having Claire come to the house to do this procedure means that Erin gets to spend one quality day at home with her family away from hospitals. It is a vital service to many oncology families and Erin loved catching up with Claire today.

Thanks Frank

Frank Bruno’s another celebrity who’s showing his support to the campaign, which has now reached £83,215!


Here’s Erin with the award she was given in 2015 by The Joshua Tree Charity for her bravery in battling her illness. I’ve followed Erin every step of the way in her journey and I really hope her latest challenge ends happily. Here’s more about that award

Erin Cross was given an award from The Joshua Tree Charity for her bravery
Erin Cross was given an award from The Joshua Tree Charity for her bravery

Still rising

I keep refreshing that fundraising page every few minutes and every time I do, it goes up by hundreds of pounds!

We’re now at £82,400 - more than £70,000 in 24 hours - is that not absolutely amazing?