BUSINESSES and pedestrians on Lower Bridge Street had more than just torrential rainfall to contend with on Tuesday after sewage ran down the pavement.

A combination of flash flooding and a blocked drain resulted in raw sewage, toilet paper and sanitary products flowing down the pavement.

The unsightly hazard proved treacherous for pedestrians and a terrible smell inconvenienced nearby businesses.

A spokeswoman for Dee Valley Water said: “We received calls regarding wastewater coming from a manhole cover in Lower Bridge Street and dispatched an engineering team to investigate.

“A blockage in the network was found to be the cause which was cleared by the team.

“Our team also found third-party damage had been caused to a manhole. This was reported by our team to the relevant department.

“If anyone experiences wastewater flooding, we would ask them to call our helpline immediately on 0800 085 3968.”

Cheshire West and Chester Council confirmed they had been made aware of the incident and engineers were checking manholes on Lower Bridge Street yesterday (Wednesday).