A 16th century carbine which has been with a Chester family for generations could fetch £10,000 at auction.

The German gun is expected to be coveted by weapons collectors.

It has been in the Davies-Colley household in Bruera, near Chester, since about 1890.

Antiques consultant Mark Littler was presented with the carbine at a talk in Tattenhall earlier this year.

Mark said: “One of the gentleman presented me with the gun and I immediately thought this was a great thing.

“Being a general valuer, I recognised the expert craftsmanship with the decoration to the stock and barrel, there was no doubt this was a superb item.”

It is not known how the Davies-Colley family came by the weapon.

After doing some research to back up his suspicions, Mark took the carbine to specialist arms auctioneer Thomas Del Mar.

They confirmed it would have been manufactured in the German town of Suhl, known for being a centre of military production, in the late 1500s.

The rare item was valued between £8,000 and £10,000 and its owner decided to sell.

The leafy tendrils on its barrel and lock are said to be characteristic of Suhl firearms from this period.

Also engraved on the 60 bore, wheel-lock carbine are exotic birds, a hound and a rabbit.

Thomas Del Mar will auction the gun in London alongside 700 lots of other arms and military pieces on June 28.

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