ANIMAL loving pupils from Delamere Academy became budding young apprentices to help raise funds for the endangered Amazonian jaguar.

Reception class children chose to sponsor the threatened species as part of their Sky Rainforest Project with the World Wildlife Fund.

After learning all about the unique environment the jaguar lives in, they decided to embrace the exotic nature of the Amazon and open a rainforest market.

Creative pupils planned their own stalls and made their own products to sell. Lucky customers could choose from mini-beats biscuits, homemade banana bread, handmade jewellery and even take part in some fruit tasting.

Classmates got wild with some animal face painting to help highlight the plight of the jaguar.

Throughout the project the children learned how the destruction of the animal's habitat from logging and cattle ranching, as well as having to compete with humans for food, has resulted in a large decrease in its population. More jaguars are also being killed as the demand for their fur increases

Reception teacher Emma Boynton said: “The children learned all about the very real challenges facing the Amazonian jaguar, how an area the size of three football pitches is destroyed every minute and how we need to protect this habitat for the species to survive.

“They also developed other skills by advertising their charity and working with money. The day was a huge success with all children in the school participating, raising £75 for the Sky Rainforest Project.”