A NEW detached house in a Green Belt village would be over-intensive, parish councillors believe.

The two bedroom house, with a first floor study, is planned by Plas Newton Estates adjoining the village post office at 2 Wells Close, Mickle Trafford.

A previously application was refused in 2004, leading to an unsuccessful appeal but circumstances have changed, Chester's planning board is due to hear.

At that time, uses included the post office with a flat above, the proposed dwelling and office premises.

This led to concerns about parking but the office use has now ceased and part of the vacant building would become a garage for the new home with the remainder being demolished to create a patio.

The plans are not opposed by the County Engineer.

Mickle Trafford and District Parish Council insists the property would be overdevelopment and argues parking would be inadequate.

It is concerned about disturbance from deliveries.

Neighbours have raised concerns about parking, access, nuisance caused by deliveries and damage to boundary fences and hedges.

The property would be separated from parking in the area, where there are 10 spaces, by a small wall, according to a report.

Planners say the property will be similar is size and design to the post office and will preserve the character of the area.

It would not affect the openness of the Green Belt or the amenity of neighbours.

A total of nine parking spaces would be available, two for the new property.

An area would remain for delivery vehicles.

Recommending the application should be approved, planning officers say the house would not be out of keeping and would not lead to highway safety issues.

The application is due to be considered at a meeting of the city's planning board taking place at the Crowne Plaza hotel on Wednesday (January 7) at 10.30am.