Men are invited to don short skirts in Chester city centre on Saturday (March 5), as part of an international solidarity campaign against sexual violence.

Chester Sexual Abuse Support Service (CSASS) has teamed up with Chester Student Union to make a stand against blaming victims of rape and sexual assault.

Ali Pickard, centre manager at CSASS, said: “The event is part of our ongoing engagement in order to highlight the absurdity of putting responsibility on a victim for the clothes that they wear, or if they have been drinking or flirting.

“If we can break down barriers and start conversations we can get people to look at views and images deeply embedded in society.

“We use creativity and fun to highlight serious issues.

"We will be making a presence in the centre of Chester for an hour, handing out our special beer mats, engaging with people and having some fun.

“Discretion helps abuse continue so we choose to be the opposite of discreet.”

But the invitation is not exclusive to men – women are also asked to attend, dressed however they like, ‘as you should be able to in the rest of life’, says Ali.

Those wishing to participate should meet at the Blue Coat School on Upper Northgate Street at 3.45pm.

The event will be rounded off by drinks and music at Alexander’s.

“By joining the event, women can stand up against sexual violence and say it is not acceptable in our society, and men can stand in solidarity and show that they don’t want to live in a society where women are still blamed for their behaviour,” Ali added.