NEIGHBOURS and parish councillors objected when plans were put forward for new build at a suburban bungalow.

The application was submitted by Mr P Grime at 24 Barley Croft, Great Boughton.

Mr Grime told planning officers at Cheshire West and Chester Council he was seeking approval for a single storey extension at the rear of the detached bungalow.

Neighbours Mr and Mrs K Shaw at 22 Barley Croft felt the extension would darken their main bedroom and devalue their home.

The lack of light could also affect their garden and a greenhouse. Occupiers Mr and Mrs P Stoddart at 27 Whites Meadow felt the extension would compromise their privacy.

Both objections were backed by Great Boughton Parish Council. The design of the new build would not detract from the overall character of the area, planners believed.

As it would be at the rear of the bungalow, it would not affect the appearance of Barley Croft.

They did not feel there would be a sufficiently detrimental effect on the neighbours at no 22 to justify a refusal and pointed out that loss of property value was not a planning matter.

Overall, they did not feel there would be an unacceptable detrimental effect on the amenities of nearby properties.

The council agreed Mr Grime could have permission.