A Chester photographer has launched a Twitter project to allow people to nominate and vote for their own cultural hero for Chester called the #OneChair Project.

The aim is to find people who deserve recognition for their cultural and forward thinking contributions to the city of Chester. And it’s up to you to nominate them for being who they are. They could be musicians, social media networkers, chefs, artists, designers, hairstylists, event organisers or just great and amazing characters that the city just couldn’t do without.

The final 20 will be photographed by Sam Ryley in his studio and then a team of judges will decide the overall winner.

Sam, who has taken himself out of the process to make it unbiased, said: “Chester struggles with its identity. We want the people working away behind the scenes to give the city more than just the Roman heritage. To be recognized and rewarded for pushing to bring a vibrant, fresh, modern, popular and even alternative cultural scene.”

Names/reasons will be collected on the Twitter page @OneChairProject. To nominate you will need to give the name and reason why they should be included (self-nomination is not allowed). If you do not use twitter you can nominate via message on facebook.com/samphotofilm.

Nominations must be received by Wednesday, November 12 at 10pm and then Sam and three further judges, yet to be confirmed, will narrow the list down to the deserving 20.

Sam added: “Some of the people nominated will undoubtedly own businesses, this on its own is not enough. They must affect the city itself in a positive way. Lets’s see who ends up in the chair!”