A PETITION signed by more than 300 people has seen the return of a community cross built to celebrate the millennium.

The Waverton Millenium Cross – a 15ft Celtic designed cross – was switched by Crocky Trail owner Ed Walley for an English design in October, behind villagers’ backs, but was returned this week.

Paula D’Arcy, of Guy Lane, Waverton, who campaigned to return the Celtic cross said: “I am very, very pleased, and I’ve had a lot of people phoning me up. They are really happy and relieved that it was back.

“It is an example of people power, we could all just have sat back. People were offended by what had happened and they took action and it has come to fruition. It’s been sorted and it’s great.

“At the Waverton Parish Council meeting on Monday I was told the cross and the steps will be given a good clean with a jet wash. I think people will be watching that cross very, very carefully in the future.”

Residents spent months raising thousands to put the celebratory cross in place but it was removed because it was not English enough.

Mr Walley said: “The Celtic cross was replaced by an English cross after a discussion with the parish council last year.

“The plain English cross was quite popular and had considerable support, but it was decided to return the Celtic cross after Christmas and this has now been done.”