RESIDENTS have praised a hero milkman who battled through treacherous conditions to make every delivery.

Jeff Gilman age 43 who owns and runs Gilman Dairies in Nomansheath managed to make all 360 deliveries every day during the snowy weather – a total of 4,700 pints of milk.

Miriam Shaw who lives on Carden Lane in Clutton said she was very grateful Jeff made the effort: “I just couldn’t believe it. He was sliding and skidding all over the place but he still carried on his deliveries.

“We couldn’t leave the house, the bin men and post men didn’t come but he still made it. I just think he really deserves praise because he really put his customers first.”

Jeff said: “I never actually got stuck, but it was a nightmare. My wife did actually get stuck and we had to get the van pulled out of a ditch.”

Jeff and his wife Jane deliver milk as well as bread, juice, cheese and more to households and small businesses in Clutton, Broxton, Harthill, Brown Knowl and Malpas.

Jeff said: “It is very hilly round there so I often had to leave the van at the bottom of the hill, and carry the milk up.

“I also had to do long diversions to get through the snow.

“It was very dangerous, but I knew I had people relying on me.”