A-Level politics students have heard first hand about life at Westminster.

Nick Bent, Labour candidate for Warrington South, addressed students at The King’s School.

He gave an insight into his time working in Westminster as Tessa Jowell’s special adviser when she was Secretary of State for Culture and Olympics Minister during the last Labour Government.

As a last minute Labour Party candidate for Warrington South, Mr Bent lost the 2010 General Election by fewer than 1,600 votes and he has since moved to the constituency to contest the same seat in the May 2015 General Election.

For half an hour, Mr Bent answered a range of probing questions from King’s students on topics including the Labour Party’s leadership, funding of electoral campaigns and the effects of an improved economic outlook for his party.

He later tweeted about his visit saying it had been ‘a real privilege to meet politics students at The King’s School, Chester’ and commented on the tough, pertinent questions he had faced.