Good progress is made by children at a suburban preschool, Ofsted found.

The conclusion was reached at St Michael’s Preschool at St Michael’s Church in Devon Road, Newton, by inspector Lauren Parsons.

The group, which provides for children aged 2-4, has 43 youngsters on roll. It opened in 1975 and has eight child care staff.

The group runs from Monday to Friday in term time only with sessions from 9.15am until 12.15pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and from 1pm until 4pm on a Wednesday.

Activities undertaken by the inspector included a tour of the areas used by the preschool, assessing the impact that the indoor and outdoor activities have on the children’s learning and speaking with staff and children. She also conducted a joint observation with the acting manager.

Rating all aspects of the group as good, the inspector says staff develop positive and caring relationships with the children. They get to know the youngsters and their families well.

The children enter the preschool happily and quickly settle into activities.

The acting manager has ‘high aspirations’ for the future of the preschool and staff are well qualified and experienced.

Staff have a good understanding of child protection and wider safeguarding issues, the inspector believes.

The acting manager has brought in a range of changes to improve the preschool and parents report positively on the quality of care and learning experiences provided to their youngsters.

Staff provide a range of interesting learning experiences for the children and quickly identify those who require extra support.

The children behave well and are respectful of others and the atmosphere of the preschool is very warm and welcoming.

They make good progress and are well supported to develop skills which prepare them for their future learning.