Students at Queen’s Park High School have taken inspiration from a national art prize to create a new snack bar.

The Year 9 art and design pupils proudly opened their newly-refurbished snack bar area at the end of May having been inspired by Turner Prize 2015 winners Assemble and their involvement with The Granby Street workshop project in Toxteth, where people taught themselves, created and made objects to transform old spaces into new.

It was this concept that the Year 9 art and design students used to develop their own space within school. Using co-constructed approaches to learning, groups were formed through interests of what could be designed and made.

Students researched, planned and designed their own lessons, setting their own success and assessment criteria to shape and form the range of designs that is on display today.

Year 9 students Charlotte Carswell and Zara Gautier-Price said: “We really hope that this project will inspire others to do similar ventures as it was an experience that helped develop all students involved in different ways. It has been really enjoyable and given us all a feeling of achievement.”

Leader of learning for art and design Simon Parker said: “I wish to thank the whole group for their passion and energy they showed throughout, in producing such a wonderful response that can be shared by so many of our school’s community for years to come.”

Students who have been working towards the launch since the beginning of January have already had excellent feedback from their peers and community members which use the school for lettings.

Theatretrain tweeted: “At QPHS here for Sat morn Theatretrain enjoying a coffee in the café area with fresh artwork and fab new tables! Really impressed.”