A community effort has funded a new mechanical arm for a Little Sutton man.

Adam Bladen, 24, has Duchenne muscular dystrophy and desperately needed the arm support to enable him to continue living as independently as possible.

But with no funding available for the much-needed replacement after his previous support came to the end of its five-year life span, he was facing a bill of around £3,000.

So Chester care company SureCare – of which Adam is a client – led a fundraising campaign through a JustGiving appeal, which reached £2,918.

Adam, who has required the use of a wheelchair since he was eight, has spoken of his gratitude to the SureCare team, their client and supporters.

“I received no financial support for my mechanical arm, so the fundraising by SureCare was absolutely vital,” Adam said.

“Over the past five years, my arms have become more and more difficult to use and I have now become dependent on an arm support which is attached to my power chair.

“This allows me to keep some of my independence, enabling me to drive my own wheelchair, feed myself and use many other adapted gadgets including a laptop, mobile phone and TV remote.”

SureCare staff donated £500 and raised more by donning Christmas jumpers in December.

SureCare business development manager Rachel Gallagher said: “We were delighted to get behind Adam’s fundraising appeal.

“The equipment he required is so important towards ensuring his independence and quality of life.”