Occupiers in a market town are being encouraged to give their views on the prospect of a 20mph speed limit in residential areas.

Neston Town Council has come forward to welcome the proposal with consultation.

The borough council announced in January that housing areas in Ellesmere Port and in Neston could become 20mph zones.

The council’s Labour controlled cabinet voted to roll out 20mph speed limits in residential areas particularly around schools. The aim is said to be to reduce road collisions, encourage more children to walk to school and reduce pollution.

The widespread introduction will concentrate on roads where average speeds are currently less than 24mph and around schools where they are currently less than 30mph it was explained.

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As part of the preparation for the roll out, speed limit assessments will be undertaken to gather information about the priorities for the programme.

In Neston, including Parkgate, Little Neston and Ness, large areas of housing from the riverside towards the A540 appeared on maps.

Cllr Brian Clarke (Lab), cabinet member for economic development and infrastructure, said one of the biggest aims was to encourage more children to walk to school as well as to reduce the number of road traffic collisions.

He said: “There are significant benefits with the introduction of 20mph speed limits. These will improve community cohesion and individual mental wellbeing with people spending more time in their street rather than trying to get away from the traffic that is actually there.

“People will feel safer to walk, to jog, to cycle.”

Cllr Clarke added: “The council will take reasonable steps to ensure there is awareness in the local community of the proposals.

“We will consult with all interested parties, police, local councillors, town and parish councils and all parties affected by the speed limit change. That is to ensure there is a clear understanding of any proposals within their area.”

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The council was told by Rod King, the founder and campaign director of ‘20’s Plenty for Us’, that 15 million people already live in 20mph boroughs.

It has agreed to fund the 20mph schemes with a budget of £200,000 a year for four years.

Cllr Louise Gittins (Lab, Little Neston and Burton) commented: “We spoke to about 100,000 people on the doorstep running up to the election. This was really a pressing issue for many of the people we spoke to.”

She said there had been an ‘overwhelming positive response’ since the proposal had emerged with both residents and school parents asking for 20mph zones and described their introduction as ‘win-win all round’.

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In Neston, the chairman of the town’s planning and environment committee Phil Lloyd said: “Road safety is an important issue in Neston and we urge the people of our town to take this opportunity to let their views be known to Cheshire West either by contacting local CWaC councillors or members of Neston Town Council.”

He continued: “We are concerned that the map issued by CWaC shows that current arrangements are not clear, for example in suggesting that Raby Park Road is not subject to a 20 mph limit when it is and and we welcome the notification that the humps that will sustain that limit are to be reinstated.”

The town council points out a 20mph limit also operates in Parkgate on The Parade.