Two teenagers from Neston High are fundraising to make a difference in Africa.

Charlie Pennington and Harry Deijnen, both 16 and currently studying for their A levels, have had what they describe as an ‘amazing opportunity’ to go and teach children in disadvantaged schools in South Africa for 10 days.

Due to the large class sizes the teachers often have to stick to strict regimes and unlike schools here there isn’t much time for learning through fun and games.

Their hope is when they go to the schools they will be able to put on classes that will hopefully be fun yet still educational.

The pair will also be coaching the children in sports some of which will be new to them.

Charlie, from Parkgate. who is studying maths, physics and psychology, said: “In order to do this we must raise the funds to go on this trip. For both of us to go we must raise in total £3,000 and we will be doing a range of events to raise money such as car washes, cake sales and raffles. We are also contemplating doing a physical challenge to raise yet more funds such as an event similar to Tough Mudder.

“However to get to our total in time we need companies to sponsor us and prizes for our raffles especially.

“We strongly believe that this opportunity could also be very beneficial to the children we would be working with as we have had many opportunities through education that we’d like to pass on.”

Harry, from Little Sutton, studying maths, chemistry, German and biology, added: “We really would like to go on this trip as to us it seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a new culture and meet new people whom normally we would never have met.

“We believe it will also give us a greater understanding and appreciation for the work teachers do daily as well as providing us with the tools to help teach others about what we have learned.

“We have always been keen to get involved in charity work and we thought this would be a perfect opportunity for us to make a difference and help out disadvantaged people in poorer parts of the world.”

Their trip would take place next June. The pair have set up a GoFundMe Page at https:// and add: “Any way in which people can help out will be greatly appreciated from donating money to our cause via the GoFundMe page or giving us fundraising ideas.”

Charlie would like to go on to university to study psychology and behavioural sciences while Harry has his sights on finance or sports psychology.