Labour leader Ed Miliband told The Chronicle ‘I tend to be pretty tough actually’ when asked if scathing personal jibes if ever got to him.

Mr Miliband, who hit the campaign trail in Chester and North Wales in his battle bus at the weekend, has been labelled a ‘north London geek’ and compared to Wallace from the Wallace and Gromit animation.

But Mr Miliband, who met Chester Labour parliamentary candidate Chris Matheson, councillors and supporters at Chester racecourse on Saturday, brushed off the insults.

He told The Chronicle: ‘I tend to be pretty tough actually. I don’t really mind what people throw at me. What I worry about is what’s been thrown at the British people over five years and what will happen if there’s another five years of a Conservative government.

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‘So I think I’ll let people judge what they want in a prime minister. If they want somebody with big ideas to change the country. If people want somebody who is principled and will stand up to the energy companies, the banks, tax avoiders. And if people want somebody who won’t leave decency at the door of Downing Street, then that’s what I offer.’


Talking about concerns over fracking in Cheshire communities, he played down apparent splits between the strongly anti-fracking position adopted by Labour candidate Chris Matheson and the national party’s stance of cautious support.

He said: ‘Chris absolutely reflects the position that we’re taking. We’ve said that we won’t let fracking go ahead without a whole set of conditions being met and we put forward amendments in the House of Commons to secure those changes.

“The government initially agreed to them, then abandoned their agreement, so we won’t let fracking go ahead without very strong environmental conditions being met.’

Mobbed by a hen party

A Chronicle video showing the unlikely scene of the Labour leader being mobbed by bride-to-be Nicola Braithwaite and her hen party from Knutsford in the city centre has gone viral.

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Her sister Kathryn tweeted: Only my sister can have a pic with @Ed_Miliband @UKLabour #ed #henparty.

Our footage featured during the opening sequence of BBC Sunday Politics with ITV and Sky News also airing the footage. And now Nicola is even inviting the Labour leader to her wedding.

She posted online: “May be he’ll make the big day!” And Nicola made clear Mr Miliband would be welcome in a tweet to the man himself: “Could squeeze an extra one on the top table!”

Nicola, a lawyer, who is clearly loving her moment in the sun, wrote: “Thanks to @Ed_Miliband for making my hen do one to remember! #truegent #justabitoffun.”

One of the hens, Anna Heaford, posted a hilarious tweet: “The stripper had just arrived for nicolab13 hen do..! #EdMiliband.”

The Mail online dubbed the Labour battle bus ‘Party bus!’ The Spectator online featured the headline: “Ed Miliband treated like rock star by screaming girls. Seriously.”

Staff at Westminster Hotel in City Road said the young women were ‘very excited’ by their 15 minutes of fame, adding that it was unclear whether they all knew who Ed Miliband was. News organisations had been trying to get in touch with them at the hotel but the party had checked out by lunchtime on Sunday.