DOZENS of Malpas residents packed into the Jubilee Hall to voice their protests against a potential housing development in the village.

An extraordinary meeting of Malpas Parish Council attracted more than 80 villagers who are concerned that the development of seven large family houses proposed to be built in the centre of the village would be a disaster.

During the meeting people spoke out against the development, which would see the properties built on a field next to Greenfields Lane, and could potentially give the green light to further large-scale housing in the area.

Villagers were shown the plans for the development, and discussed the effects on the village if the proposals were to go ahead.

Charles Higgie, chairman of the Action for Greenfields pressure group, which was set up by residents opposed to the plans, said members of the parish council supported residents’ views.

“I spoke first and concentrated on the lack of a need for this sort of housing and the precedent it would set,” he said.

“After that another speaker would follow and concentrate on another area, so we just went from there outlining all our views and it worked a treat.

“Everything was very professional and I’m pleased to say the council agreed with just about everything we said.”

Mr Higgie, a former Malpas parish councillor, added: “There is to be a public exhibition of another development for 120 houses in the village, held in the Jubilee Hall this week.

“The next step for us is to attend that meeting in numbers to firmly state our opposition.

“Some objectors want nothing to do with this odious proposal and want to boycott this meeting but my view is that we need to attend to see details of their plans, and their timetable for action, which so far they have been reluctant to share.

“Boycotting the event could give the signal that we are happy with the proposals.”

The public exhibition will be held tomorrow (Friday) from 11-2pm in the Jubilee Hall and all are welcome to attend.