A 45-YEAR-OLD man was cleared of breaching his anti-social behaviour order after a trial at Chester Magistrates’ Court.

John Joseph Moore, of Egerton Street in Newtown was accused of threatening social worker Lesley Simmons while she was visiting his former home in Cornwall Street.

This would have breached the terms of a 10-year ASBO issued in June 2002.

During the trial, Mrs Simmons said Moore had argued with her over a comment she had made about him, which he had overheard from the next room.

She told the court that he had ordered her to leave the house by saying: “Get out, or I’ll chin you”.

But Mr Moore denied this, saying Mrs Simmons had showed him a lack of respect by saying he had been convicted for an assault on a family member, which was not true.

He insisted that he was firm, but calm - and that he had only told her to get out and not followed that up with any kind of threat.

“I am not some beast,” he said.

“All right, I have previous convictions - but no matter what the world and his dog think about me, I wouldn’t threaten a woman.”

After hearing evidence from both sides on Tuesday (January 6), magistrates found Moore not guilty and dismissed the case.