A dad from Handbridge has told of his terrifying close shave with Storm Doris which saw his car destroyed.

John Taylor was driving along Hoole Road with his 15-year-old son in the front passenger seat at about noon on Thursday (February 23) when he spotted that the trees were swaying violently.

Instead of braking, quick-thinking John accelerated and just managed to pass under the tree before it crashed on to the road.

The roof of the car was partially caved in and the window on his son's side shattered, covering the teen in glass.

The tree which almost landed on his car when it fell on to Hoole Road

But miraculously, the pair escaped unharmed.

John told The Chronicle: "Instead of braking I thought it was better to accelerate and we passed under it just as it was going down.

"I think we were very lucky – a couple of seconds later and I dread to think what could have happened; the branches could have come through the window."

Adding that he would think twice before venturing out in conditions like those again, John said: "I think people should just be really careful in weather like that.

"You've got to be aware and keep your speed low and drive sensibly.

"What happened could have been a lot worse."

Thankfully, John's insurers have agreed to provide him with a replacement vehicle.

Cheshire police was inundated with an 'unprecedented' number of calls on Thursday as Storm Doris battered the county, responding to more than 500 incidents.