An HGV involved in a fatal collision in Runcorn that left a Vicars Cross motorcyclist dead was travelling faster than the speed limit, an inquest heard.

Martyn Platts, 55, was riding home from work at 4.10pm on April 29, 2014, when the crash happened on the bend linking the A533 Queensway to the A557 Weston Point Expressway.

PC Steve Binns, of Cheshire Constabulary collision investigation unit, said the on-board ‘tachograph’ speed monitoring system showed that the lorry was moving at 38mph when the collision occurred.

The speed limit on the bend is 30mph.

Both vehicles were travelling in the same direction but in different lanes of the same carriageway, with the Suzuki motorcycle on the inside.

Prior to the change to a lower speed limit, the Scania lorry had been travelling at 46mph in a 40 zone and had accelerated at one point to 51mph in that stretch of highway.

Julian Wade, a passenger in a car travelling in the other direction, said the HGV ‘seemed to be travelling faster’.

He added that is also appeared to ‘move over to the left’, describing the motion as a ‘drift, but adding he did not remember if it indicated.

Mr Wade recalled saying: “F*** me. That lorry’s going to hit that bike.”

PC Binns, giving evidence on behalf of colleague PC Michael Baguley. said analysis of the crash scene showed that one of the vehicles must have encroached on the other’s lane, but that it was not possible to tell which one.

It was not possible to tell what speed Mr Platts was travelling at, he said.

The Walter Carefoot And Sons lorry was being driven by Andrew Wootton.

A post-mortem revealed that Mr Platts suffered broken ribs but died from head injuries.

He tested negative for drink and drugs and had no health issues other than some hypertension.

Mr Platts lived in Vicars Cross with his wife Pam and worked as a press officer at Halton Borough Council.

Coroner Christopher Sumner recorded a conclusion that Mr Platts died due to an accident.