Linenhall car park will be sorely missed when it closes early in 2016, Chronicle readers have told us.

The popular car park will shut permanently on Sunday, January 10 as work begins on a massive 550-bed student complex.

Thousands of people use the site, which used to be home to Chester Racecourse’s stables, when they come to the city to shop or work.

But there are fears its closure will create a parking crisis in the city, with our readers saying spaces are running out fast.

The Chronicle’s Facebook page and Twitter feed was flooded with comments as people expressed their dismay at the car park’s impending closure.

Lyndsey Stanners is 'livid' that parking in Chester has become 'a joke' and 'over-priced'. She added: “This car park is perfect! It’s always full. Thank God Broughton (Retail Park) is expanding.”

Helen Miller told us: “Another 60s-style box monstrosity, adjacent to the beautiful Pillbox Terrace, which will reduce parking in the centre of Chester. No wonder Chester is losing out to out of town shops.”

A new car park opened in Delamere Street in April this year and Gorse Stacks car park closed at the end of August for work to begin on the new bus exchange.

Mark J tweeted that only 'time will tell'.

'RIP city centre shopping'

Linenhall car park will shut on January 10 to make way for building work to begin on the new student housing development
Linenhall car park will shut on January 10

Stuart O’Donnell said: “Really, another car park closing? That’s four big car parks gone in 2015. A city centre without sufficient car parking (and an over reliance on park and ride) will not attract visitors or money. Instead everyone’s going to go elsewhere where parking is easy, such as Cheshire Oaks and Broughton.”

Kate Mason agreed, saying: “Very sad to lose another great car park in the city centre. Parking in Chester is getting beyond a joke.”

Julia Murphy said: “It’s my car park of choice. So where are all the people who currently park there going to park? There are already queues at the Market car park at busy times.”

Jane Shaw feels Chester has lost its 'individuality'.

She added: “There are hardly any independent shops, hardly any unique one-offs. People come to Chester for these. Now there’s not many places left to park.”

Billy Picton said: “RIP city centre shopping as the building-crazed council keep more shoppers away.”

Temporary measure

Ollie James Anwyl added: “As an ex-student even I think this is excessive. Plus I use this car park weekly. The uni does seem to be taking over the city.”

Karen Jolliffe said the parking situation in Chester city centre was “disgraceful”.

“There are few car parks as it is and this is good value for shoppers,” she added “Sadly it will put a lot of folks coming to Chester off.”

But David Vickers had a different take on the issue, saying: “It’s definitely a shame to lose car parking spaces. But as others stated, it was only ever temporary. If students are living there it will open up other housing for locals.”

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