FIREFIGHTERS were treated to homemade lemon cake after a chimney blaze at an elderly woman's home in Malpas.

The fire was reported at 7.15pm on Friday, June 24 and a crew on one engine from Chester fire station took two hours to make the chimney safe at Hollowood Road.

Crew manager Dave Doneo said: “We cleaned out the hearth and put a jet up the chimney. The elderly lady had it on constantly.

“We advise that if you have an open fire you get it sweeped before the season starts.”

Fires can start when there is a build up of carbon in the chimney stack creating a blockage and forcing smoking embers to drop down.

One hose reel and flexible chimney rods were used to tackle and clear the chimney.

“We had a lovely cup of tea and homemade lemon cake as well,” added crew manager Doneo.