GYMNAST Beth Tweddle is concentrating on complicated steps for Sunday’s Dancing on Ice programme on ITV after head judge Robin Cousins said her skating ability had to match the dynamics of her ‘tricks’.

The London 2012 bronze medallist, from Bunbury, told The Chronicle: “We’re doing a lot more steps and fewer lifts for this week’s routine, so the judges will be able to assess my skating ability.”

Beth and her partner Dan Whiston were competing in a ‘duel’ with fellow contestant Baroness Oona King and her partner Mark Hanretty. Beth included a handstand, a showgirl kick, split lift and a fish lift in her routine and both women were lifted aloft by their partners in a stunning ‘Titanic’ lift.

A stomach bug the Friday before the competition almost resulted in Beth having to withdraw from the ice contest but her performance still convinced all four judges to put her through to the next round.

Former Queen’s School student Beth, who looked a little unstable on her skates after she had finished her routine, said: “There were times when I thought I might not be well enough to perform in the live show. Even at rehearsals on Saturday I was really struggling.”

Jason Gardiner, the villain judge, who had made derogatory comments on her performance in week one, said: “Beth, you should be sick more often – that was such an improvement.”

Beth said: “It felt good to hear the positive comments. We’d been working really hard on the performance side in training, so it was great that the judges picked up on that, especially with so little time to learn this week’s routine.”

Dressed in a daring cerise pink bikini style costume, Beth and Oona, resplendent in orange, danced to Eurythmics and Aretha Franklin’s Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves.

Chester supporters of the country’s most decorated gymnast will not have the chance to watch Beth in action as ITV bosses announced yesterday (Wednesday) that they are scrapping the planned Dancing on Ice tour for 2013.