Students at the University of Chester have studied digital mapping datasets, as part of a natural hazards management course. 

Landmark Information Group, the UK’s leading supplier of digital mapping, property and environmental risk information, led the workshop, the aim of which was to provide students with an insight into the range of data sources available to environmental consultants, surveyors, developers and other commercial land and property professionals.  Using Landmark’s Promap service, students were able to access ordnance survey maps, plus datasets that provide current and historic mapping data, in order to determine the area’s risk of flooding.

Dr Servel Miller, lecturer and programme leader for natural hazard management at the University of Chester, said: “When studying natural hazards management, the second year of study concentrates on UK-based hazards.  A large focus of this concentrates on flooding and flood risk management.

“Approximately 25 students participated in the Promap session, which introduced them to a new skill. While they already have experience with GIS, this provides a new perspective on data sources that can be fed-in to GIS. 

“It’s a great opportunity to review what flood data is available to them, plus I believe it provides them with additional skills and experience, which could provide students with a competitive edge when they move out into the commercial world.”

The workshop is part of a university lecture tour that Landmark is conducting throughout 2014, which provides students studying a range of courses including real estate, construction, GIS, geotechnics and environmental consultancy with practical, hands-on use of digital mapping tools that are heavily used by commercial practices.