PUPILS and teachers at The Queen’s Lower School went back to a time of knights, nobles and peasants for a Medieval Arts Week.

The whole school used the Middle Ages theme to explore the art, music, theatre and fashion of the period as well as try the food and learn what life was like in medieval times.

Each class was assigned a topic within the medieval theme – ranging from masks and stained glass windows to pageantry and medieval Chester. They explored this topic with a mixture of class based art activities, visiting arts professionals and trips out.

Professionals included a Tudor music and dance workshop and a visiting artist who worked with pupils to create a large scale collage.

Visits included a trip to Beeston Castle for Year 1 pupils, and a visit to Smithills Hall in Bolton for Year 2 where they discovered the history of family shields and crests and pretended to attend a medieval banquet.

Year 3 went to Chester Cathedral where they dressed as monks and made beeswax candles and Year 4 investigated the medieval heritage of Chester and mapped out the walls and surviving medieval buildings.

The week culminated in a banquet on Friday in the dining room where girls and staff came to school dressed in medieval clothing. Costumes ranged from princesses to paupers and there were even a couple of scary looking executioners.

Girls ate off trenchers made from bread rather than their usual plates and were served authentic food and drink including chicken legs and elderflower cordial.

The whole school got together on Friday afternoon to share their creations and work ranged from intricately designed masks, to portraits created using photography and ICT, to medieval hats and jewellery.

Headmistress Felicity Taylor said: “The week was enjoyed by all, the girls learnt something new, improved their art skills and shared their newly acquired knowledge.”