A WARTIME romance led to 70 years of married life for a Kingsley couple who are celebrating a milestone few people ever reach – their platinum wedding anniversary.

George and Myra Killip met in the village in September 1939 and married two years later at Brookside Methodist Church.

George, now 96, was a young soldier from the Isle of Man, stationed at Army barracks in Delamere awaiting a posting overseas, when he first set eyes on his future wife, Myra Eaton.

He said: “I was out in the car and stopped to ask this young lady walking her dog the way to the nearest pub, and she suggested I should go to the Methodist Rooms for tea instead. It was love at first sight for me, it absolutely was.”

The couple obtained a special licence for their wedding and, after a three-day honeymoon in Llandudno, George began his overseas service and they were apart for the first four years of their marriage.

“It was very hard because, of course, we were not able to speak to each other,” said Myra.

The couple eventually settled in Kingsley, where 92-year-old Myra – a former nanny and village correspondent for The Chronicle – was born and has lived most of her life.

Their only child, Deborah, was born in 1954, and they also have two grandsons and two great grandsons.

George worked for the former Cheshire Education Authority as the first youth employment officer for West Cheshire. In 1965, he was seconded to the Caribbean island of St Lucia, where he helped establish a youth employment service and training courses.

A Rotarian for 60 years and the recipient of several prestigious service awards, George also founded St Lucia’s first Rotary Club.

The couple remained on St Lucia for 13 years, where Myra also helped establish a still-thriving perfumery, which provided work for many island women.

George and Myra are two of the oldest and best known residents of Kingsley, where they still live in their home built next to the house in Top Road where they and Myra’s parents lived for 87 years.

After celebrating their anniversary with friends and neighbours at The Millpool Restaurant, Cotebrook, and Kingsley Village Institute, the couple passed on secrets of their successful marriage.

“Trusting and knowing you can depend on each other when help is needed,” said George.

Myra added: “We’ve had a life of ups and downs and we disagree on a lot of things – but we don’t get bored!”