A Chester school will have a new headteacher from September this year.

The headteacher of The King’s School, Chris Ramsey, has announced the appointment of Margaret Ainsworth as head of the Junior School and Willow Lodge.

Mrs Ainsworth is the current head of Willow Lodge, The King’s School’s Infant School, which opened in September 2015 and she will succeed Simon Malone who retires this summer.

Mrs Ainsworth was previously deputy head of The Queen’s School Lower School before joining King’s.

She is the mother of three with two sons at the junior school and a daughter in the third year of the senior school.

She said: “I am absolutely thrilled to be invited to head the junior section of King’s in addition to Willow Lodge. I passionately believe in offering parents a first class primary education for their children and I am honoured to be asked to lead such a vibrant and dedicated staff in the junior school.

“Willow Lodge is a self- contained, purpose-built school especially designed for infants with its own playground and facilities.

“There has been no compromise in the design to give the children the very best facilities.

“We do not have mobile classrooms or staff having to work trying to make old buildings fit around what we can offer, which means the focus is 100% on the children.

“At junior level, our children can enjoy a science lab, an art studio, design and technology workshop, sports fields and lots of other specialist facilities which are superb and give them the widest range of opportunities, gently preparing them for senior school.

“Together with the staff I look to continue the excellent legacy of Mr Malone, in making King’s Infant and Junior Schools the leading independent primary schools in the region.”