WATCH out for the wasps in Chester’s Town Hall Square on Saturday.

Wasps, dung beetles, water boatmen and wiggly worms will congregate in the city centre for an original play about life in an insect circus.

Jigsaw Children’s Theatre production of The Insect Play will be performed by youngsters, aged eight-16, to herald the start of the MBNA Chestival Vaudeville Weekend.

Led by ‘stingmasters’ Jenny Dewhirst and Penny Mitchell a worm charmer and a wasp tamer will aim to control the cast of this very special circus.

Watch out for a spot of synchronised swimming by the water boatmen and chariot racing by the dung beetles before hearing the sad tale of life behind a clown’s smile.

Directed by Millie Garrett, Michael Beigel and Will Wood, with musical direction by Matt Baker and Erin Elston, the script and choreography have been devised by the students themselves.

Jigsaw is the children’s theatre group of Chester’s Theatre in the Quarter.

The Insect Play is at Town Hall Square at 11am on Saturday June 18 and Sunday June 19. For more information about the Vaudeville Weekend see page 43.