Jar of air from Stone Roses gig goes up for sale on eBay

Bids have already reached £65,000 for the jar which a Deeside seller has placed online

Would you buy a jar containing the air which Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown was breathing at the weekend?

A jar of air from a Stone Roses gig is up for sale on eBay – and bids have already reached a staggering £65,000.

The seller from Deeside, Flintshire, listed the jar on the online auction site yesterday (June 20) after the air was captured at the band’s concert at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester on Saturday.

In the product description the seller claims: “All the atmosphere, anticipation and ecstasy of 60,000 people singing their hearts out – captured forever in this glass jar.”

The seller said the air was captured while the band played their iconic 1992 song I Am The Resurrection.

Bids for this jar of air from a Stone Roses gig have now topped £65,000 on eBay(Image: eBay)

In the listing they claimed: “If you place your ear next to the jar you can still hear a faint reverberation of (guitarist John) Squire’s solo.”

The jar even comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The listing has now attracted a total of 90 bids and is due to end on Saturday, June 26, at 7pm.

The highest bid currently stands at £65,900 – plus £2,80 postage.

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