THE refusal of retrospective permission for a replacement fence at the side of a suburban property has led to an appeal.

Approval for the fence was sought by Mr Douglas Valentine at 15 Buckingham Avenue, Vicars Cross.

Mr Valentine told planning officers at Cheshire West and Chester Council he was seeking permission for the fence at the side of the corner plot home facing Lancaster Drive where an old fence was falling apart and becoming a danger.

Properties on Buckingham Avenue generally have either open frontages or planted boundaries, according to a report.

No objections to the un stained, close boarded fence were raised by Great Boughton Parish Council while neighbours described it as an improvement.

Planners suggested the fence did not contribute positively to the character of the area.

Although Mr Valentine explained the fence was needed to safeguard children, planners said this had been taken into account. They believed other steps could have been taken.

A report accepts there are other similar fences nearby but at the time it was written these were being investigated by enforcement officers.

The application was recommended for refusal on the basis the fence failed to respect its surroundings and its appearance was unacceptable.

Mr Valentine has appealed.