A small white fluffy pooch with apricot ears was stolen on Frodsham High Street at the weekend.

Ollie, a male cavachon cross-breed, has been missing since 6.45pm on Saturday (January 4), according to Cheshire Constabulary .

He recently had an operation to remove the cornea from his right eye and is on medication which he needs to continue with.

It is believed Ollie was taken from Morrison’s car park.

News of his disappearance has gone viral since it was posted on Cheshire Constabulary's Facebook page, with an appeal for information being shared almost 7,000 times.

Hundreds of members of the public have commented on the post and vowed to help find Ollie.

One wrote: “Poor little thing must be so frightened. Can’t began to imagine how the owners are coping. I sure couldn’t if anything happened to my lil’ fella.

“Hopefully with all this support he will be found and Cheshire police will be reporting about a happy reunion very soon.”

Another said: “It’s bad enough being stolen but this dog needs medical care which makes the theft very cruel.”

Anyone with information should call Cheshire Constabulary on 101 and quote incident number 796.