People who live, work, shop and visit Hoole are being urged to ‘have their say’ and help shape a community ward plan for their local area.

Local ward councillors are developing a four year community ward plan which will contain priorities for improvements, based on local views currently being sought via a short paper based questionnaire or an online survey.

Local Hoole ward Cllr Alex Black explained: “Hoole is a fantastic neighbourhood and there has always been great community spirit here. But as with everywhere, there are always issues to be tackled and with reductions in Government funding, the council is looking to target its limited resources where people feel it is most needed.

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“I speak to local residents all the time and this survey will make sure that all residents and also those who work and visit Hoole have the opportunity to have their say on what they feel would improve the quality of life in our neighbourhood.”

Cllr Angie Chidley, also a Hoole ward councillor, added: “More and more local people are taking responsibility for the things that affect their life and their community, creating a sense of ownership and civic pride.

Hoole councillors Angie Chidley and Alex Black are urging people to help develop a community plan for the area
Hoole councillors Angie Chidley and Alex Black are urging people to help develop a community plan for the area

“With a four year community plan in place, this will help to target limited resources and also could unlock vital funding to deliver on some of the priorities people have told me they want to see addressed. Whatever is important to local people, we want to hear about it.”

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Once the ward plan has been developed, it is hoped that residents will get involved where possible to help deliver what is important to them. More information on how to get involved will become available as the plan develops.

The short survey can be completed online at:

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Also, you can speak directly to the ward councillors at their monthly surgeries between 11am and noon on the first Saturday of the month at Hoole Community Centre and the third Saturday of the month outside Cedar Drive Post Office. Paper copies of the survey can also be collected from and returned to either location.

The closing date for your views is Sunday, March 13.