Upton-by-Chester High School students had an unforgettable experience listening to the life of Holocaust survivor Mala Tribich.

Working for the Holocaust Education Trust means that Mala is able to share her story with others. She told Year 9 students, sixth formers and staff about her life in Nazi-occupied Poland, how, as a teenager, she survived a ghetto and two infamous concentration camps at Ravensbruck and Bergen Belsen, despite contracting typhus fever whilst at Belsen.

Student Elizabeth Dearden Williams reflected, “It struck me that Mala didn’t speak with anger or resentment even though she experienced more tragedy and hurt than most people in a lifetime.

“Although some people say forgive and forget I think Mala's message is to forgive but never forget.

We must remember so these tragedies never happen again and the histories of all the people who lost their lives aren't forgotten.”

The visit was organised following a trip to Auschwitz by students Tom Chaloner and Molly Pritchard. They have also produced a mural for the school reflecting the theme of identity which was presented to Mala on her visit.

Students will now follow up the visit by studying the Holocaust in their lessons both in RS and history.