RESIDENTS have expressed concerns at the prospect of a holiday let in a green belt village.Š

The application has been made by Ashton Hayes based 3H Investments Ltd at Forest Brook Stables, Smithy Lane, Mouldsworth.Š

The developers have told planning officers at Cheshire West and Chester Council they wish to convert two of five stables and a tack room into the two-bedroom holiday let.Š

Three stables would be retained for people bringing their own horses to the holiday let or for livery.Š

The application is due to be considered by the borough's planning committee at a meeting on Tuesday (January 17) at the request of Cllr Eleanor Johnson (Con, Gowy) due to the effect on neighbours and the concerns they have raised.Š

The plans are opposed by Mouldsworth Parish Council which supports the concerns of occupiers.Š

Councillors believe the precedent could lead to other similar applications in the future.Š

The borough's highways officer raised concerns given the narrow access but did not object on the basis of additional information.Š

Residents claimed the development would spoil the rural aspect enjoyed by visitors when walking and raised fears there would be increased traffic and litter.Š

They argue that Mouldsworth should not be regarded as a tourism location and described the surrounding area as ‘a haven for wildlife’.Š

Occupiers suggested Mouldsworth was ‘on the brink of a population explosion’ and told the borough council:"The last thing Mouldsworth needs is more development."Š

The change would not be inappropriate in the green belt, according to planning officers and the conversion to a holiday let would be less intensive than offices or light industry.Š

There would be little effect on the character of the surrounding area and the conversion would not be unacceptably detrimental to neighbours.Š

The application is recommended for approval as the conversion would not be detrimental to the openness of the surrounding area and would be an acceptable re-use of a rural building.Š

The plans are due to be considered by the committee at a meeting in HQ in Chester at 4pm on Tuesday.Š