Hillsborough inquests: Five men from Chester and Ellesmere Port who lost their lives

Inquest jury rules 96 supporters were unlawfully killed

A 27-year wait for justice is over for the families of the 96 Liverpool fans killed in the Hillsborough tragedy

After 27 years of campaigning, the families of the 96 Liverpool FC fans who lost their lives in the Hillsborough disaster have the truth about how their loved ones died.

An inquest jury ruled on Tuesday (April 26) the supporters had been unlawfully killed.

They also found the behaviour of the fans did not 'cause or contribute' to the tragedy.

Among those who were killed on April 15, 1989 were Ellesmere Port men James Delaney, 19, James Hennessy, 29, and Christopher Edwards, 29, along with Jonathon Owens, 18, of Chester, and Dodleston schoolboy Henry Rogers, 17.

Recap of updates from the Hillsborough inquests on the day of the verdicts

Causes of death for each victim have been released.

James Philip Delaney

James Delaney

James Delaney, a Vauxhall worker from Ellesmere Port, had travelled to the game with his friend Jimmy Hennessy.

Brother Nick said: “He was a very popular lad who loved socialising and going on his holidays.

“Wherever you go in Ellesmere Port, there are plaques up in pubs with his name on them."

The cause of death is found to be compression asphyxia and time of death between 3.03pm and 3.40pm.

Christopher Edwards

Christopher Edwards

Christopher Edwards was also from Ellesmere Port, he worked as a a lab technician for British Steel in North Wales.

Dad Sydney said: "He was a happy-go-lucky lad who has two sisters, Gail and Anne.

"You have to live with what happened, it never goes away. Christopher is always in our minds because we were a close family."

The cause of his death was given as compression asphyxia and time of death between 2.57pm and 3.50pm.

James Robert Hennessy

James Hennessy

James Hennessy, from Great Sutton, had been working for Ellesmere Port and Neston council and was about to start his own plastering business.

Mum Margaret, 76, said: "Jim was a Mod. Everyone wanted to see him as he had the best mohair suits and a customised lovely metallic green Lambretta.

"I was always very proud of him and I’ll miss him. I’ll never leave this house, there’s too many memories of him here."

The medical cause of his death was found to be 1A - inhalation of stomach contents due to or as a consequence of 1B - compression asphyxia.

The time of death was between 3.15pm and 4.09pm.

Jonathon Owens

Jonathon Owens

Jonathon was born in St Helens but the family later moved to Cardiff and Southport before settling in Chester.

His father John said: “He was a gentle giant and that is how people will remember him most.

“He was a lovely, lovely boy.”

His cause of death was compression asphyxia and time of death between 3.03pm and 3.26pm.

Henry Charles Rogers

Hillsborough victim Henry Rogers

Henry, from Dodleston, went to the match with his older brother, Adam, and two friends.

His parents Steve and Ronnie remember him as 'a wonderful son'.

They said: “He was full of fun, athletic and loving. His bedroom was a reflection of his Liverpool allegiances - a masterpiece of the team colours.”

His cause of death was given as compression asphyxia and time of death between 2.57pm and 3.35pm.

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