Students at Helsby High School took part in a range of activities with the theme All Different, All Equal.

The school held a non-uniform day when children and staff had to wear something blue to support the cause and raise awareness for anti-bullying week.

They raised £1,200 in donations, which will go to the charity Bullying UK.

Year 11 student leaders produced a video clip, which is hosted on the school’s YouTube channel, which sees students from all year groups contributing.

This video clip was played in assemblies and in form time.

Students from all form classes held class discussions on four main questions:

1. What is bullying?

2. Who can you go to for help?

3. Why is it important to stop bullying?

4. Is there anything we could do at Helsby High School to help prevent it?

Helsby High School held an anti-bullying week

Each form class was then given the opportunity to contribute to the anti-bullying board.

The next step is for this information to be collated and shared with the student leaders and pastoral leaders. A set of action points will then be created.

At Helsby High School, they take any reporting of alleged bullying very seriously. As a school community they do not tolerate any form of bullying.

Each and every member of the school community has a part to play in this by either reporting or helping to resolve any alleged bullying.

All students are expected to treat fellow students with respect and consideration by following the school’s Code of Conduct.

The school strives that if a student is experiencing bullying or has witnessed bullying, they are able to voice their concerns without fear or prejudice.