Hell Up North challenge is a tough one for Chester housing group and netball players

HellRunner is a tough challenge for Muir Housing Group and University of Chester netball team

Runners from the University of Chester netball teams and Muir Housing Group tackle the HellRunner in Delamere Forest

Runners from a Chester housing association put their best feet forward to run the Hell Up North half marathon on Saturday.

Encouraged by Muir Housing Group technical services manager Mark Gould, colleagues Hannah Omerod, Jason McCulloch and Tom McKevitt and Mark’s brother-in-law Jamie Fisher signed up to run what has become known as the ‘UK’s toughest half marathon.’

Mark said: “I have done it for five years in a row and Hannah recently ran the Chester Marathon , so we were all up for it,” although he admitted that running through Lucifer’s Lido, the lake in Delamere Forest , was a little colder than usual this year.

HellRunner at Delamere Forest: The team from Muir Group Jamie Fisher, Hannah Omerod, Jason MCulloch, Tom McKevitt and Mark Gould

“I am sure that they put in a few extra ice cubes,” he said.

“I would agree that it is the toughest half marathon I have ever done and it was great fun.”

Jamie ended up finishing 12th overall and Mark was very proud of his placing of 51st.

HellRunner at Delamere Forest: Mark Gould from Muir Group

“We didn’t set ourselves any targets beyond getting round and for most of the group it was their first time.

“It’s a fantastic event - I would really recommend it. I have signed up for next year already.”

University of Chester netball players have a ball

Netball players from the University of Chester scored more than one fundraising goal with their Hell Up North challenge.

Team members from the firsts to the fourths donned green T-shirts to raise cash for Macmillan Cancer Support in the Delamere Forest half marathon event.

Defending a target of £750, the players did more than just wing it to raise £1,195.50 for the charity.

HellRunner at Delamere Forest: The University of Chester netball team(Image: Betley Images UK)

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