Haunted Chester: Ghost stories and spooky goings on from throughout history

From a Roman legionnaire at the City Walls to a jilted bridge in Eastgate Street, we explore Chester's ghostly past

Chester City of Ghosts is a new book by Mary Ann Cameron(Image: David Mitchell)

As the witching hour of Halloween approaches innocent people walking home late at night had better beware of Chester's ghostly past.

From heart-broken Roman legionnaires roaming the city walls to tragic girls waiting in vain for heroes to return from battle, is it safe to walk alone in the city streets after dark.

If you are brave enough to venture out, we have a few suggestions for your best ghost-busting experience?

The City Walls

The Newgate in Chester

A Roman legionnaire appears between the amphitheatre and Newgate. Having fallen in love with a local Celtic girl he often left his post to see her. The girl's parents took advantage of this and one night when he was with their daughter killed the sentries whom he had left on guard, grabbing as much loot as they could. On his return, the mob murdered him.

The Blue Bell in Northgate Street

El Gato Negro tapas bar in the old Blue Bell Inn in Chester

Witness the beautiful maiden Henrietta waiting at the first floor window for her lover and Civil War fighter to return from battle. He was slain at Rowton Heath in 1645 and stricken with grief she staggered into the cellar and committed suicide.

Thornton's, Eastgate Street

A jilted bride called Sarah who hanged herself can't get 'closure' and continues to stamp around the shop, turning lights on and off and opening and shutting doors. Apparently unhappy with a Valentine's Day display, staff once arrived to open up to find the chocolates in disarray.

Bear & Billet, Bridge Street

The Bear and Billet on Lower Bridge Street

Look out for the poltergeist maid, who died of starvation after being locked in a room. She is reported to haunt the staircase but appears only to men.

The River Dee

Men once more ought to watch their step, walking along The Groves by the river. The ghost of Jenny is said to lie beneath the waters, waiting to grab and drown an unsuspecting man.

A foggy morning on The Groves in Chester(Image: Mark Carline)

Marlbororough Arms, St John Street

The Marlbororough Arms in St John Street

The misspelling of the pub signage is no accident. According to tales, the 19th century sign writer was so spooked by the ghost of a former landlord who had slit his own throat that he rushed to finish the sign and didn't even notice his mistake. Listen out for the landlord who still makes himself heard in the basement.

St John's Church

A ghost at Chester's original cathedral has a habit of appearing to tourists. Look out for a monk wandering through the pews.

Stanley Palace

Stanley Palace in Chester

This Grade II listed town house on Watergate Street Built has apartments, a boys' school, and a museum but is now hired out for a number of activities. It is choc full of ghosts including that of Elizabeth Warburton, a former owner who has been spotted walking through a wall, a man in Tudor clothing, a Second World War officer and a grey haired woman sitting by the piano. Be prepared to hear bangs, children crying and disembodied footsteps.

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