Hargrave canal woman escaped through car window

The incident took place on the Shropshire Union Canal next to the Golden Nook Bridge

A woman had a lucky escape after her car ended up in a canal this morning (November 17).

Fire crews from Chester were called to the Shropshire Union Canal next to the Golden Nook Bridge, just off Long Lane in Hargrave , shortly after 8am after a Mini Cooper was reported to be in the canal.

A police officer at the scene explained the woman escaped through the window of her car and managed to get out of the water herself, before firefighters arrived.

A Mini ended up in the Shropshire Union Canal after coming off Long Lane at Hargrave

Woman escapes from car in Shropshire Union Canal

The woman, described as being around the age of 40, was taken to hospital following the ordeal.

It is understood her car flipped on its roof and rolled into the canal after taking the sharp bend on Long Lane which leads on to Golden Nook Bridge.

Cheshire Police said the driver is believed to have suffered ‘minor injuries’.

A local resident told The Chronicle a number of cars have ended up in the canal over the years trying to take the sharp bend.

Man rescued from Chester canal after five jump in water

The Mini was recovered from the Shropshire Union Canal

Following a number of incidents at the same spot, a wall which once separated the road from the embankment is no longer in place.

Another resident, who did not wish to be named, claimed it was the sixth time this year a car has gone into the canal.

“I see it all the time, it’s not unusual at all,” he said. "There used to be a wall there but it hasn’t been in place since the last time someone crashed.

“They don’t bother repairing it any more because there is so many accidents there.

“I’m glad the woman is OK. It’s only a matter of time before someone is killed on that road.”

The car was recovered at about 12pm and the road has now re-opened.

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