A family has been found for Simba the retired Cheshire Police dog.

The six-year-old canine needed a new home after an injury meant he could not return to the line of duty.

German Shepherd Dog Rescue had been searching for an experienced owner to take Simba in.

After a number of willing offers to adopt him, someone has been found from within the force.

PC Garry Brownlow, who was Simba’s handler when he was first transferred to Cheshire Police in 2014, revealed the good news.

He said: “We are so pleased to have found him a new home.

“Simba was a cracking police dog and it was unfortunate he had this cruciate repair.

“He’s had a great recovery and is running around like a loon now, but his welfare is paramount and its just one of those things.

“Thank you to everyone who got in touch, we had a lot of responses.”

The Chronicle’s original story about Simba was shared more than 2,000 times.

He cannot return to police duty because of the effects of a serious leg injury.

The dog had cruciate ligament surgery on his right rear leg in June 2016, but despite a strong recovery the damage was so serious he could not be passed fully fit.

PC Mark Rendell, who had been housing Simba while an experienced owner was sought, described him as an ‘incredibly friendly, loving and loyal dog’.

He can now run free and enjoy his retirement with his new family.

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