Handbridge Park councillors have used their members’ budget to fund the Operation Shield initiative for the community.

Razia Daniels and Neil Sullivan have arranged for households and businesses in the area to receive kits for Cheshire Constabulary’s unique DNA marking system that is protecting homes and businesses in Cheshire by reducing burglary opportunities, deterring offenders, identifying and recovering stolen property.

Anyone who has been arrested is scanned for traces of the unique DNA liquid – not just offenders who have been arrested for burglary. As well as scanning offenders, Cheshire police also process any recovered property for the DNA code.

This process now means that police can link offenders back to burglaries which may have happened weeks before.

During the roll-out, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is also visiting properties making sure that there are working smoke detectors installed. Cllr Daniels and Cllr Sullivan are working closely with the services to reduce burglaries and ensure homes for vulnerable residents have smoke alarms fitted.

Cllr Daniels said, “We are delighted to able to support this great initiative in order to protect homes and businesses in our community. Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is also working hard to ensure people are kept safe and we welcome their support.”

Cllr Sullivan added, “Operation Shield has proven to be a strong deterrent for burglars and has been welcomed by residents across Handbridge Park.”

PCSO Chris Fox said, “After seeing the crime reduction in areas where Shield has been distributed I was keen to bring this initiative to Handbridge Park Ward. I see it as a great opportunity to work with the community to make an area feel safer and more secure to residents living here.”

For more information about Operation Shield and crime prevention advice, visit the SelectaDNA website at www.selectadna.co.uk.