PRIMARY school pupils have been getting in on the act.

Youngsters from Guilden Sutton Primary School in Chester have been working with Kevin Dyer at Action Transport Theatre on a devised piece of theatre.

The project is part of the West Cheshire Creative Partnerships Enquiry School Programme, called Curious Minds, focusing on learning outside the classroom, in partnership with the University of Chester.

Through the project the children have developed a sense of global citizenship and understanding of the diversity of our society and world.

The Year 5 pupils worked with Kevin and Lily Earle – a second year trainee primary school teacher from the University of Chester – to create a performance inspired by a play being written by Kevin called The Girl Who Lives Under the Piano, set in Iran.

The youngsters learned about Iranian culture before performing to an audience of parents, family and friends.

Jane Evans-Woodason, programme manager for Curious Minds said: “There were really meaningful discussions about a different culture and what it means to be a family within a different culture. It was brilliant, inspiring, fun, moving and truly educational.”

Headteacher Kathy Crowe said: “This has been an amazing experience for our children and staff. Being part of a Curious Minds project has given us a great opportunity to benefit from the expertise of inspirational people from other walks of life. It has been thought provoking, challenging and fun. As a result, it will have a lasting impact on future projects in our school.”

Schools interested in finding out more about Action Transport Theatre should contact Jessica Egan on 0151 357 2120.