A DAWN convoy of giant dinosaurs gatecrashed Chester Zoo yesterday (Wednesday).

The 13 American-made animatronic dinosaurs shuttled down the A41 on low loaders as part of a spectacular summer exhibition.

Featuring realistic movements and sounds, the dinosaurs include the giant apatosaurus, with its distinctive long neck and whip-like tail, the dilophosaurus, with its long, sharp claws and the infamous tyrannosaurus rex.

The animated robots will be part of an outdoor trail called Dinosaurs at Large! and will show visitors exactly what it would have been like to get close to the jurassic beasts.

Chester Zoo spokesman Will Conliffe, said: “They’re a set of animatronic dinosaurs arriving and being unloaded at Chester Zoo this morning.

“Each life-sized mechanical dino is one of 13 that will be on display in the new 'Dinosaurs at Large!' exhibition at the zoo from July 1 to October 8.

“It’s the very first time these dinos have been in the UK (they’ve come from America) and it is the biggest event/exhibition in the zoo’s 80-year history.

He added: “They’ve been brought over by Billings Productions Inc and they say it takes at least months to build a t-rex.

“The colour patterns are actually based on DNA research carried out on dinosaurs bone/fossils – meaning they’re as closely matched to the real things as they possibly can be.”