General Election 2017: Chester MP Chris Matheson celebrates big majority

Labour candidate turns slim 93 majority into 9,176 landslide

Chester’s re-elected Labour MP Chris Matheson has turned a knife edge 93-vote majority into a substantial 9,176 landslide - with a little help from his friend Jeremy.

Mr Matheson defied the odds in beating the Tories to do much more than just hold onto the City of Chester constituency, which had been dubbed one of most marginal seats in the country.

Tory candidate Will Gallagher, who was left licking his wounds, was not in the mood to talk to the press.

Labour's Chris Matheson celebrates his election victory in Chester

The Lib Dems’ Lizzie Jewkes was ‘really disappointed’ to have lost her deposit.

Meanwhile, the national picture suggests Theresa May is unlikely to achieve an overall majority in parliament leaving her future as party leader in doubt.

Mr Matheson, 49, who lives in Hoole, told reporters: “It’s obviously a fantastic result and I’m overwhelmed and grateful that people have shown such confidence in me.’

Supporting what his leader Jeremy Corbyn has achieved during the campaign, he continued: “I think a lot of young people who previously were not interested in politics have been brought into politics and that’s a good thing.

“We need more people involved to feel as though they have a stake in the system.

“It’s been an interesting night. We are not quite sure what the final result is yet but it’s a smashing result here in Chester.”

Labour's Chris Matheson speaking after the announcement he had retained his Chester seat

Asked whether Theresa May should resign as Prime Minister, he responded: “Yes, she should. She called an election after only two years. She thought she was doing it to get a big majority for the Conservatives. She took the country for granted. The country doesn’t like that.”

Lib Dem candidate Lizzie Jewkes said: “It’s not that Labour has won it’s that people have rejected the Tories and I think it’s more that.”

Mrs Jewkes felt Mr Matheson, a firm remainer, should not have voted to trigger Article 50 and argued he should have showed greater commitment to the remain cause.

Crowds at the Northgate Arena congratulate Chris Matheson on his victory in Chester

On a personal level, she was ‘really disappointed’ to have lost her deposit but said the party nationally was doing all right.

“My party nationally is picking up seats. I’m devastated we’ve lost Clegg.”

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